30 June 2012


Baby H loves being outside.  It was a little chilly the other day so we had him bundled up.  He spent the next few hours playing/napping in the swing while the rest of us picked raspberries and strawberries and weeded the garden and flowerbed.

I am continually amazed at Thing 1's creativity.  We were putting the raspberries into a medium sized bowl.  He ran into the house and a couple minutes later showed up with this little tin...much funner for a little fellow! 

Some were more help then others...

But, all-in-all, it was a great morning for working in the garden.  I think next year I might have to try growing broccoli.  We all LOVE broccoli!  We only wish our steaming tray was larger so we could cook more at a time.  Like, a stock pot full.  Okay, maybe not that much.  But whenever there is broccoli on the table there is a mad dash after prayer to be the first one with the broccoli bowl.  

As I was picking the raspberries, I came across this squash plant.  I'm not even sure what it is.  Pumpkin?  Delicata?  Spaghetti squash?  I'm really not sure.  I don't know squash well enough to tell by the leaves.  My eldest was going to pull it, but I suggested we let it grow to find out what it is.  

An hour outside and it had warmed up enough to take a couple layers off this boy.  Not long after he fell right to sleep.  It doesn't exactly look comfortable, but he didn't seem to mind.  

So tell me...  can you tell a squash by it's leaves?  I would really like to know!


  1. So would I!! I have 5 (FIVE!) volunteer squash plants in my garden- we've let them grow and they are monsters- many flowers and some fruit already but still no clue (seriously!) of what they are! Let's hear it for compost ( :

  2. could be a squash. what about a cantelope? i don't know my vegetable leaves very well either. You'll have to let us know