19 April 2014

More triangles

I was recently asked to make another of this quilt

Usually, when I "remake" a quilt I change things about it; the layout, colors, back, etc.  However, Ashley wanted it to be as close to the original as possible.  Since I was about to move and the prospect of not having to take the time to debate and question the block layout (as I usually do) was so appealing, I happily consented to making a replica.

Unlike the original, I did choose to double stitch around each of the seams like.

This combination of neutrals with a dash or orange is a happy one for me.  That, combined with the uniform quilting gives the back a pleasant yet interested look.

Of all the fabrics I frequently use for my bindings, this Joel Dewberry herringbone is one of my most favorite.  I really should buy yards and yards and yards of it.  :)

A tutorial for making a 60 degree angle quilt can be found here.

16 April 2014

a haircut for my girl

B has been asking for a haircut for quite some time now.  Brushing out her long hair was, at times, a scream fest (thankfully it's straight) but overall I enjoyed all the fun ways we could style it.  Mostly piggies and braids (I love braids!).

 But she kept asking and so finally I gave in and chopped it off!

I was a little concerned she was going to have a meld down when she saw it but she looked at herself in the mirror and screamed (in all the little girl excited she possesses), "I LOVE IT!"

Whew...thank goodness!