30 November 2011

Sadie's Quilt

In an effort to have all my needs-to-be-done-soon projects out of the way before Baby H got here I spend most of my nights sewing for hours.  Amazingly enough I was able to get them all done!!  WooHoo!

One of the projects was this little number for our new niece Sadie. 

I fell in love with these Bubblegum Basics fabrics when I first saw them and still do even though they are a couple years old.

This notebook was my inspiration for the quilt...

 I thought about making this quilt with just three colors like the notebook but decided to go with the BB fabrics because they are just so bright and cheery (and because I still have a bunch and need to work through them)!

For the back I inserted a strip of randomly pieced together scraps.  I love it.

What I would do differently...stitch all my quilting lines in the same direction.  I went back and forth and that created a sort of gathered look that I wish wasn't there.  We stitch and learn, right!?

I had originally planned to do a back and forth meandering stitch like I used in this quilt but for some reason my machine kept bunching up the thread in the back.  I didn't realize this until I was probably a quarter of the way finished with the quilting.  So I spent almost 10 hours unpicking the darn thing.  Not sure what the problem was.  I tried changing threads and tension but nothing worked.  So I switched out my stippling foot for my walking foot and did straight lines.

I think it turned out just fine.  

28 November 2011

He's here!

 Here it is...the prego picture I promised.  Had I given it any forethought I might have done my hair and put on makeup.  But seeing as the sun was going down, my husband was coming in from work, and I was 39 weeks pregnant and expecting this little baby ANY DAY!! I figured that moment was as good as any. 

I never know how to pose for these pictures.  No matter where I place my hands on my bulging belly it always feels awkward.  So why not make it look meaningfully awkward, right!?  Insert photo of weird-pose-with-hands-on-the-sides...

All my babies have either been early or arrived the day before the due date so going over a whole 3 DAYS was torture!  (I know, some go over by a couple weeks--bless your sweet patient souls...and stretching skin!)

But he did, indeed, finally come!  Sweet Baby H is the most chill baby I have had yet.  He sleeps through four older siblings running/screaming/laughing through the house.  I haven't had one do that yet.

He was born just before Thanksgiving so the two of us spend our holiday cuddled up with each other while daddy and the older kiddos spent the day with family and yummy food.  Although I love family and yummy food, I would definitely say I got the better end of the deal spending the day with this little dude.