22 April 2010

rain rain STAY ALL DAY!

My 5 year-old kept trying to get out of going to school this morning (I can only wait to see what the future holds) with "stomach pains" and "being too tired" and finally, "Its raining today!  I think they cancelled school mom" (while crossing his fingers).

I decided to go out and take some dilettante* pictures with my amateur point-and-shoot.

I love the rain!... and puddles.  Unfortunately I was not able to take any pictures of myself dancing through the puddles.  You'll just have to imagine...

I love this barn and the big wood pile leaning against it.  Also, these are plum trees...YUM!

Digging the wet/dry contrast...

Had to add some worm-age!  This thing was about one foot long.  Can you see the little trail it left through that spot of mud?

No, not much to look at but this is my favorite tree.

Can you guess why?  I call it my Love Tree...

*Yes, I did just look up a synonym for amateur on my handy-dandy mac dashboard and dilettante was the only word that appeared that was not in my microscopic vocabulary.

21 April 2010

Shop Update!!!

I have always loved paper countdown chains.  There is something so fun and exciting about removing a link.  Then another.  And another....  Until finally the big day is here!

When Mr.  Knickers was about two months away from graduating, my boys and I made a huge paper chain to count down to the big day.  My boys loved it!  The same goes for Christmas and birthdays.  Yeah, we love paper chains around here.

Since I adore sewing it only made sense to make one with fabric.  Now I have a few in my shop...

Not only are they a great representation of the excitement and anticipation of a coming event, but they are pretty dang cute too.  Cute enough to keep hanging up as decoration long after the special occasion has passed!

I also added a pattern for a Table Topper...

Go check them out here, here and here.

Oh, and did I mention my oldest lost his first tooth?  Crazy!

20 April 2010

Remember how I mentioned

I was working with these...                                           


Well, I finished the kits a while ago but FINALLY listed them in my etsy shop.  

Here it is in red/blue/pink...

and again in blue/green/yellow.

These kits are for baby sized quilts...my soon-to-be six year-old still sleeps with his baby blanket this size...so does his 24 year-old auntie, but don't tell her I told you so.  I LOVE that size!  It is easily packed, easily carried by little ones and so. very. adorable!

The coolest part about this whole thing?  I sold one within an hour of posting it.  Can you believe it?  Thank you so much etsy buyer!!!

Go check them out...you know you want to!!!

14 April 2010

packing lunches

It has been a little quiet around here.  My apologies.

I dont typically buy chips but Mr. Knickers has been doing a lot of day traveling and when added to a sandwich and fruits/veggies they make for a quick lunch.  This is the reason I don't like to buy chips...
My five year-old didn't have school today so he asked his daddy if he could go to work with him.  He even offered to pack their lunch for them.  SIX bags of chips, a handful of easter candy and two bananas.  Daddy helped even it out by making sandwiches and taking a few bags of chips out.  Love that kid!