21 April 2010

Shop Update!!!

I have always loved paper countdown chains.  There is something so fun and exciting about removing a link.  Then another.  And another....  Until finally the big day is here!

When Mr.  Knickers was about two months away from graduating, my boys and I made a huge paper chain to count down to the big day.  My boys loved it!  The same goes for Christmas and birthdays.  Yeah, we love paper chains around here.

Since I adore sewing it only made sense to make one with fabric.  Now I have a few in my shop...

Not only are they a great representation of the excitement and anticipation of a coming event, but they are pretty dang cute too.  Cute enough to keep hanging up as decoration long after the special occasion has passed!

I also added a pattern for a Table Topper...

Go check them out here, here and here.

Oh, and did I mention my oldest lost his first tooth?  Crazy!

1 comment:

  1. Loving all the sewing projects and especially love the countdown chain! What a fantastic idea...you can use it over and over...brilliant!! I might have to hire out your services. =)
    Does your little munchkin wear headbands with flowers? I found a SUPER cheap way to make some for mine, I'll have to post some pics.