27 March 2012


I'm here.


There is so much going on right now.  More on that later.

In the meantime...

Maybe I should have greased and floured the pan (instead of just using PAM) like the instructions...instructed.  :)

It was meant to be a beautiful Lemony-delicious bundt cake.  It turned out to be a crumbly pile of Lemony-delicious bundt cake.  It still tastes the same, just looks less then stellar.  :)

It was just kind of an "off" cooking day for me.  Even for my no-fail Taco Soup.  Even I didn't want to finish my whole bowl and usually there are seconds.

BUT...the corn bread was oh-so-moist-and-delicious!!!

This is my recently finished block for March of the We Bee Modern Too quilting bee.

We were instructed to use red, grey, black, and white.

I really love these little turtles and snails!  Just need to sign the siggy block and mail it off.

I know God hears me!  It's moments like these that remind me of the many tender mercies I regularly receive...

It was one of those days when life just kicks you in the rear.  Everything seems to be going in 180 degrees from where you want it.

Money is tight.  The sewing machine broke.  Family is sick.  Kids are being naughty.  Employment is unsure.  Potty training seems to be failing.  Deadlines are beating at the front door.  The car barely has enough gas to get to the gas station.  And I am tired.  Worn out!

I walk into the kitchen to see this...

My two year old boy had quietly unloaded the dishwasher and was in the process of loading it.  Not a word.  He just did it.  And when he was done he went right back to playing with his trucks.

God does hear us.  And he loves us!

07 March 2012

Three Months

full baby = happy baby

I took this pic right after he was fed (notice the round little belly).

Baby H is so quick to smile.  If you just look at him he busts out with a grin.  He will coo and giggle and keep me completely unproductive for far too much of the day!  I can't help it.  I just want to hold, squeeze, smooch, and tickle him all. the. time!  He is quite obliging.

Until he gets tired.

Then he mellows out and begins to fuss a little and finds my kissing, squeezing, and tickling only mildly amusing.  So it's off to bed with him.  I swaddle him, give him one last squeeze, kiss him night-night, snuggle him in his bed, give him his binky and then...he busts out in another huge smile!  Almost as though his adorable little self is going to get pick right up out of bed and loved on some more.  Okay, so sometimes I am obliging as well.  :)

Once I am FINALLY done smoochy-smooching those little cheeks I give him a squeeze and put him in bed...for reals this time!

I can't believe he is already three months old.  I would wish him to stay like this forever, but I know how much fun each new stage is and can't wait to be part of them with him!

05 March 2012

Modern Mini Challenge

Here it is!  My submission for the Modern Mini Quilt Challenge put on by Jennifer at Ellison Lane Quilts.  There are three things about this quilts that were new for me... 

1.  Completely improv!  I have never just winged it with a quilt.  Usually I have a pattern or measurements to go from.  This time I just had a picture in my head and a rough sketch on a piece of paper. 

2.  Tight quilting.  Was anyone else completely inspired and at loss of breath over the beautiful quilting on Jacquie's Building Bridges quilt?!

3.  White binding.  I will probably never do this on a baby quilt, but love it on this one!!  I didn't want to take away from the orange lines.

For the back I used a Tanya Whelan print.

I really enjoyed making this quilt!  A mini is a great way to try out new techniques and I plan to make more.

This mini is 16" x 16".

Wonky Windows Boy Quilt

I did absolutely no sewing last week.  None!  Zero.  Zip.  Zilch.  However, the weekend before I managed to turn this stack into this finished Wonky Windows baby boy quilt.  

 It was a custom order for a soon-to-be baby boy.  I love that I get to share what I do with people I don't even know.  I generally only use fabrics from the same line because it is a guarantee that they will all look good together.  However, I had so much fun auditioning fabrics for this quilt!  I pulled out a bunch of blue, green, yellow, and orange fabrics and came up with the 14 that I included.  I'm really happy with the way it turned out and will definitely be more adventurous in my fabric selection from now on.

The background is Kona Coal, the binding is Kona Medium Grey, and the squares are from various designers; Heather Bailey, Lizzy House, Joel Dewberry...

Thing 1 and Thing 2 recently took my camera for a swim in the bathroom sink and so I used my phone to take these pics.  They don't really do these fabrics justice.  I love this Pearl Bracelet by Lizzy House!!  And those Heather Bailey prints also.

On the back I mimicked the design from the front and used the same quilting as before.

I am VERY pleased with the way it turned out and hope it is loved for many years!!