04 February 2012

Twin Wonky Quilts

I finished the second one!  

I really like the quilting on both of them but I think I especially like it on the left.  

I followed the wonky pattern on the front from side-to-side.  I set up the blocks on the back of to line up with the front so they fit nicely into the zig zag quilting lines.  LOVE IT!!!

If I had thought this through a bit better I would have made one for a girl and one for a boy and then kept them for my own little twiners.  I might just have to make another set for them...maybe with my Katie Jump Rope fabric I have been hoarding.  :)  Oh dreamy!

They were made with these delicious Bubblegum Basics fabrics...

I added it to the listing in my shop.

Enjoy your weekend!!

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