29 July 2011

Bonus discount for my readers!!

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As a little bonus to my readers I am offering all of you FREE SHIPPING (on countdown chains only)!
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(I will add pictures and a fancy invisible link this evening when I can get on my computer. For now you get this because I can't figure it out on my phone)
Have a great weekend!!!

Edited: Here you go... the post is now filled with pictures and invisible links (just click on the underlined words).

22 July 2011


The shelf in our fridge slipped right between my fingers as I was putting it into the sink to wash.  Grrraaahhhhh!!!  So frustrating.  My hubby just said, "don't worry, it's not like we have to buy a whole new fridge."  Perspective.  Thank you!

20 July 2011

Mini Scrap Quilt

E and N really wanted to help me sew something.  I had a little stack of tiny scraps I had been holding on to for just this type of project.  They enjoyed the foot pedal while I fed the fabrics.  However, the first time I stopped to press and cut they got sidetracked and were out of there.  

Thing 1 and Thing 2 were napping so I took advantage of the opportunity and kept going!  Considering the size of this quilt it didn't take me long to finish.  I had planned on it being 20"x24" finished but somewhere along the way my math skills took a nap and it finished off at 17"x18".  I know!

I haven't decided whether or not to sell it because, well... look at it... its adorable! It might find a permanent residence above my sewing machine.  Not sure.

Oh well, I still love it!!  It had been a while since I used a meandering stitch.  I had thought about straight lines but there were so many seams on such a little quilt that I wanted to make it look a little softer.  Hopefully that worked.

A simple pieced back.  

I love the fabrics in this line!  Its Arcadia for Moda.  Unfortunately it is out of print, but thankfully I have a little stash of it that I like to draw from every now-and-than.

18 July 2011

lots of binding!

I had been planning to take off last week for a girl's getaway with a bunch of the ladies on my husbands side of the family.  Unfortunately babysitting fell through and my little people got sick.

In anticipation of a relaxing getaway I whipped up these two quilts (you can see them in my shop) with the intention of binding them during a little down time.  That would have been nice, but I got to sit by my hubby while I finished them instead, which is always my favorite.

Here he is looking awfully sneaky behind that quilt.  I used prints from two Heather Bailey lines; Bijoux and Nicey Jane.  I pieced the back using some of the scraps.  I like how it turned out.  I still need to come up with a name for this quilt.

I do have a name for this quilt though--Building Blocks.  I love, LOVE this quilt!  That red square is a bit of Heather Bailey also, along with some black and cream.

I really like the quilting on this.  Basically I just followed the seam lines which sort of frames the squares.

I also have patterns for both of these quilts in my shop right now.

16 July 2011

look, don't touch

 I decided canned items are like uncut fabrics.  They look so stinkin pretty there on the shelf that I don't want to cut into them, I would rather just stare for a while and enjoy the perfect-ness.  However, it isn't until you pop off that lid that you really begin to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

And so it is with fabric...

Even when I have cut into them I like to refold and put them back in their place; all pretty and neat.

07 July 2011

We've been busy!

We love raspberries around here and have come to the conclusion that picking them is definitely an early morning activity! I was sweating at 7:00am! That is way too early to be so warm.

We look forward to all the raspberry jam and Saturday morning smoothies that are to come!

What are some of your favorite things to make with raspberries?