25 March 2011

Check This Out!

Babble named me one of Etsy's top 50 Baby Shops.  They included my countdown chains in their nursery decor category.  Pretty cool!  There are many very wonderful nursery decor items on Etsy so it is a real honor to be considered.

I love what I do and enjoy that others appreciate it!

Also...I have a new item in my shop!

I really, really like the soft back-and-forth design in the quilting.  I will definitely be using this one again.    This Heather Bailey prints are lovely!

11 March 2011

Happy Picture

Something about this photo, I just love!

Maybe it's the combination of blues and greens with a splash of white.
Or, perhaps it is the simplicity of his amusement or the motion of flight.
It could be that it exhausted my sis to throw him in the air over and over and over while I played photographer.  What you might see on her face looks like a joyful smile, but I really know it is her Kersten-you-better-be-done-soon-or-else!

I really don't know why, but I love it!
(my sis and her little man)

My husband thinks I love this pic because of the "volleyball hands and go-go-gadget arms"...it might just be.  

Love you sis and little man!

02 March 2011