20 October 2009


I have been sewing occasionally for that last five years,  but it wasn't until this spring that I actually got into quilting.  These were the first two quilts I made this spring. 

I super-duper LOVE this pinwheel quilt!

I have got another in the works.  Pictures to hopefully come soon (if I can ever finish it)!

Blah Blog

This blog is looking kind of blah for now, but when I get a few minutes I will freshen it up a bit.

19 October 2009

My new crafty blog!

Hello to everyone who may at one point read this! I have been thinking for a while now that I should start a quilting/crafty blog to post about all those lovely (usually lovely) things that I sew.
So, here I go...

A pillow I made my cousin using Simple Abundance. My three year old son might have trouble parting with this as he says this is his favorite pillow. I might just have to make him his own.

This fabric is from this awesome mother/daughter team. I will post pictures of others soon.