07 October 2013

low maintenance : at FrozenKnickers

Back in June...

I kept it buzzed for a couple months.  It was seriously the best thing I have done with my hair in a long time!  I haven't cut it since the middle of August, but looking at these pics again makes me thing maybe it's time.  Considering that winter is coming on, I might wait until next spring... not that a little fluff of hair atop my head is going to provide much insulation, but one can hope.

02 October 2013

Progress : at FrozenKnickers

I haven't been sewing much, or at all over the past several months.  Between one thing or another I just haven't taken the time.  But I've been feeling the itch over the last few weeks.  I finished a couple needed projects (like the binding on my children's quilts -- from LAST Christmas) and didn't know what to start on next so I pulled out my ToDo box and dug this out of it.

I actually started it last fall but put it aside when other higher priority projects took over (like those Christmas quilts -- sorry kids!).  This is just a little peek.  I can't decide if I want it to be a baby quilt or a wall hanging.  Decisions, decisions.