30 August 2011

First Day of School

Miss you already big guy!

15 August 2011

she gets it from her daddy

We have got major talent busting at the seams over here.  Just look...

I walked in to the living room to find her carefully placing the puzzle pieces between her toes.

I can't get enough of those striped shorts...goodwill for < $1.  She wears them all the time.


08 August 2011

Silly Swimmers

We have been swimming quite a bit this summer.  It has been so nice!  These two silly bugs HATED it at first.  Actually "hated" would be an understatement.  They would literally run in the opposite direction as soon as I pried them out of the van.  Thankfully the persistence paid off.  Now they ask to go wimming almost every day.

Someone referred to them as 'the twins' the other day.  It was strange to hear it that way.  Despite their obvious similarities they are so individual and uniquely their own.  I don't really think of them as twins.

They are absolutely adorable, that's what they are!


06 August 2011

Fabric Play

I have been playing with these beautiful fabrics for the past few days.  SOOO close to showing you!  Can't wait.

(Arcadia by Sanae for Moda)