26 June 2010

Modern Squares Baby Quilt

The newest addition to my shop.

Love it!

Prince Charming

My husband is so good to me.  He is so busy and rarely has the time to mow the lawn, which means I am usually the one doing it.  Which is fine, but it is so nice when he does it...like this morning.

This is a monster of a trampoline.  There is no way I can move this on my own, which means when I am the one mowing it usually doesn't get moved....

and the grass ends up looking like this.  My boys call it their jungle.

Thank you dear sweet husband!

Doesn't this look so nice!?

My flower beds really need weeded!  See those extremely tall dandy-lions mixed in with the flowers.  Oh, well.  Such is life.  

21 June 2010

Vintage Cosco High Chair

I recently got this high chair from my mom.  Having serviced seven little ones, it has been though a lot!   
I REALLY liked the original look, but there is a burn mark from a pot, peeling paint on the tray and rust on the legs and arms so I decided to give it a little face lift.

I took the seat and back off and oh man was it nasty!  I'll keep you posted on the change.
I would SO love to get my hands on another one so each of my babies could have one.

Actually, I think this high chair is from the 1950's.  If so, that means it might have been my mother's also.  How sweet to think that my babies are sitting in the same chair their grandma sat in at their age.

*Ignore the awful pictures!  By the time I got them uploaded to my computer I had already taken the seat and back apart.  The final pics will looks much better, PROMISE!

17 June 2010

stash busting table runner

It's not very often that I make something for myself but considering how much I LOVE Bubblegum Basics I knew I had to before I work through my whole stash.

This runner is approx. 42" long and 11" wide.  Fits perfectly on top of my dresser.

I think next time I might sandwich the front, batting and back together before I stitch on the pieces.  We'll see.