24 February 2012

February Blocks

My February We Bee Modern Too blocks are rolling in!!! Don't they look so great!!

20 February 2012

do you ever do this?

I find myself stacking my blocks all nice and neat as I am piecing them together.  I love the look of the different fabrics meeting, the seams neatly pressed, and the possibilities that lay ahead. 

15 February 2012

We Bee Modern Too

February is my month in our We Bee Modern Too quilting bee hosted by Megan.  As I mentioned before we are using the Modern Blocks book.  I chose the Missing Your Kiss block by Penny...

Not a great photo to be sure, BUT it looks a lot better in person and I really like how it turned out.  What I might have done differently...I would have squared up my X's differently so the points didn't end up in the corners quite as much.  The pattern shows several of the points on the sides of the blocks as opposed to the corners.  Oh well, I'm not going to unpick it and I'm pleased with the final product.

10 February 2012

can I really only pick one?

I am participating in my first EVER quilting bee; We Bee Modern Too. Megan at citystitches blog is spearheading it. She is kind enough to patiently show me the ropes of the quilting bee world. Thank you Megan!

My book just arrived in the mail. After looking through it (so many wonderful blocks btw!) I narrowed it down to my top 12. Maybe I could have each of us make a different block and then I can get one of each. :)

Okay, fine! I'll pick only one. Now I just have to decide...

08 February 2012


My most recent WIP is a mini with 169 blocks. I think I've gone crazy!

I'm not generally one to work with itty-bitty pieces. As I was squaring up my blocks my two year old asked if I was making a pile up to the sky...

04 February 2012

Twin Wonky Quilts

I finished the second one!  

I really like the quilting on both of them but I think I especially like it on the left.  

I followed the wonky pattern on the front from side-to-side.  I set up the blocks on the back of to line up with the front so they fit nicely into the zig zag quilting lines.  LOVE IT!!!

If I had thought this through a bit better I would have made one for a girl and one for a boy and then kept them for my own little twiners.  I might just have to make another set for them...maybe with my Katie Jump Rope fabric I have been hoarding.  :)  Oh dreamy!

They were made with these delicious Bubblegum Basics fabrics...

I added it to the listing in my shop.

Enjoy your weekend!!