08 February 2012


My most recent WIP is a mini with 169 blocks. I think I've gone crazy!

I'm not generally one to work with itty-bitty pieces. As I was squaring up my blocks my two year old asked if I was making a pile up to the sky...


  1. Try making a block with 1800 pieces. Yes 1-8-0-0. Tuesday at guild we had Mickey Mowry from Willis, TX as our guest speaker. Holy cow. One of the first quilts she talked about had like 3000 pieces and I'm thinking that's crazy but awesome. Well the last quilt in her truck show had over 12,000 pieces. 1 1/2" squares. Her 14" pineapple block had 1800 pieces. I'm good if I 50-100. ;o)
    I admire anyone who works with tiny pieces.