19 April 2014

More triangles

I was recently asked to make another of this quilt

Usually, when I "remake" a quilt I change things about it; the layout, colors, back, etc.  However, Ashley wanted it to be as close to the original as possible.  Since I was about to move and the prospect of not having to take the time to debate and question the block layout (as I usually do) was so appealing, I happily consented to making a replica.

Unlike the original, I did choose to double stitch around each of the seams like.

This combination of neutrals with a dash or orange is a happy one for me.  That, combined with the uniform quilting gives the back a pleasant yet interested look.

Of all the fabrics I frequently use for my bindings, this Joel Dewberry herringbone is one of my most favorite.  I really should buy yards and yards and yards of it.  :)

A tutorial for making a 60 degree angle quilt can be found here.

16 April 2014

a haircut for my girl

B has been asking for a haircut for quite some time now.  Brushing out her long hair was, at times, a scream fest (thankfully it's straight) but overall I enjoyed all the fun ways we could style it.  Mostly piggies and braids (I love braids!).

 But she kept asking and so finally I gave in and chopped it off!

I was a little concerned she was going to have a meld down when she saw it but she looked at herself in the mirror and screamed (in all the little girl excited she possesses), "I LOVE IT!"

Whew...thank goodness!

04 March 2014

60 degrees of Kona

It's been a while since I posted a finished quilt.  Actually, it's been a while since I posted at all.  :)
I was excited about the colors Christa chose for her quilt.  The all came together nicely.  They are all Kona colors from my stash, here, and here.

I double stitched around each seam for the quilting.  I love the geometric shapes this creates on the back.  Along with a very simple color block design, the back looks just as good as the front!

I need to buy more of this striped fabric.  It makes such a great binding.

I have another one of these (but in baby size) in the works.  I really love this design!

In other news, we are moving out of state next week.  I feel kind of useless because we are having a moving company pack and haul everything away.  However, it's kind of nice not stressing about it all (not too much anyway).  :)

25 December 2013

Happy Christmas from FrozenKnickers

May this season be bright and filled with the Spirit of Christ!

07 October 2013

low maintenance : at FrozenKnickers

Back in June...

I kept it buzzed for a couple months.  It was seriously the best thing I have done with my hair in a long time!  I haven't cut it since the middle of August, but looking at these pics again makes me thing maybe it's time.  Considering that winter is coming on, I might wait until next spring... not that a little fluff of hair atop my head is going to provide much insulation, but one can hope.

02 October 2013

Progress : at FrozenKnickers

I haven't been sewing much, or at all over the past several months.  Between one thing or another I just haven't taken the time.  But I've been feeling the itch over the last few weeks.  I finished a couple needed projects (like the binding on my children's quilts -- from LAST Christmas) and didn't know what to start on next so I pulled out my ToDo box and dug this out of it.

I actually started it last fall but put it aside when other higher priority projects took over (like those Christmas quilts -- sorry kids!).  This is just a little peek.  I can't decide if I want it to be a baby quilt or a wall hanging.  Decisions, decisions.

01 June 2013

England by FrozenKnickers

My husband and I recently made a trip to England to visit his sister and her family.  It was our first time and we hope to be able to go back again someday.

The buildings are beautiful!

Buckingham Palace was ridiculously crowded (during changing of the guards) so we moved on to St. James Park and the Churchill War Rooms.

Windsor Castle.  There is a room filled with the queens portraits over the past 60 years.  I enjoyed that.

Hever Castle.  Home of Ann Boleyn's youth.  The grounds were beautiful!!

Tate.  I think I enjoyed this quite a bit more than my husband, but he was a good sport and didn't rush me (thanks love!!).

Trafalgar Square

St. Paul's Cathedral.

LDS Temple.

My husband is a Sci-Fi nerd.  I wouldn't go to the extent of calling him a Treky (at least not publicly... oh wait...) because he doesn't dress up and attend the conventions but he definitely likes his Sci-Fi.  We went to a small town cinema and watched Star Trek: Into Darkness.  Who needs Broadway when you've got Star Trek!?

We went to an afternoon showing, called Baby Cinema.  Basically, it's when you can take your kids and don't have to worry about everyone telling you to shut them up.  If we have that in the States I've never heard of it.  With the price of a ticket you also get your choice of hot drink and a slice of cake.  How English!  :)
 Also with the price of your ticket you get a front-and-center place to change diapers without having to miss any of the show.  :)

These are just a picking of the things we saw.  I actually forgot to get pictures of a couple of the places we visited but I did remember to keep a running list of our day-to-day to journal about.

My favorite thing, other then pinching my nieces cheeks (yes, I am going to be that aunt!) was going on walks and experiencing the English Countryside.  We went on a really beautiful walk Sunday afternoon.  One footpath we walked along was like walking through a cave of trees lined with hedges and bluebells.  It was beautiful!  The end of the footpath opened to a beautiful view of the coutryside.

That's enough for now, but be warned, you may see another post or two about our trip.  :)