01 October 2012

DIY: 60 Degree Angle Triangle Quilt Tutorial

Here is a tutorial for putting together a 60 degree angle quilt.

I really enjoy the playful geometric design of this quilt and hope this will be helpful for your future 60 degree project.

To begin, I will demonstrate how to cut a 60 degree angle.  It can seem a bit unnerving, but it is easy to learn and brings design options to a whole new level!

First, find the 60 degree line on your cutting ruler.

Make sure you use your cutting mat!  I just photographed it this way to better show the lines I am referring to.

Align your 60 degree angle with the top of the fabric.  Cut along the left side.

Flip your ruler, align the 60 degree angle with the top of your fabric AND THE POINT AT THE BOTTOM OF THE FABRIC, then cut along the right side of the ruler.

 Continue flipping and cutting until you have as many triangles you need from each fabric.

 See, easy peasy!

Now, on to fabric requirements (based off 5" x WOF strips)...

Doll Quilt (approx. 19" x 17"): 36 triangles
Baby Quilt (approx. 34" x 43"):  150 triangles

The doll quilt has four rows, each with nine triangles.
The baby quilt has 10 rows, each with 15 triangles.

Lay out the triangles on a flat surface.

These quilts are stitched together row-by-row.  Stitch triangles together like so...

overlap, right-sides-together, stitch...

and press seams open

Now stitch rows together.

As you are doing so, try to match the points (circled in the below image).

It would look something like this with right-sides-together.

Stitch and press seams open.

Cut ends straight using your ruler.

Bright and cheerful!

It wasn't until after cutting the triangles that I realized I had a repeating print.  The bright pink and orange fabrics with white spots.  Drats!  I considered using these orange squares instead, but I am running rather low on this fabric and decided to stick with the orange dots.  Those spots shout at me every time I look at these pics, but hopefully when its actually wrapped around my daughters doll I won't notice it so much.