19 December 2009

Christmas Tree Hot Pad

I posted a tutorial over at Apron Girls for this easy to make hot pad.

26 November 2009

on this day...


25 November 2009

Accidents Happen

My three year old was hanging out with me the other day as I was sewing.  I had told him he could cut the thread scraps (with scissors I didn't think were very sharp).  All of a sudden my machine stopped.  I found that the cord to my pedal was snipped.  He wasn't hurt--thank goodness!  I called the repairman, but he was three days out.  No sewing for three days?  I decided to fix it.  I have seen my hubby do enough electrical work that I figured I could do it too.

Here is a pic after I stripped back the outer cover.

Covered with electrical tape.

I am happy to say that it works good as new.  And yes, when I can part with it for a few days I will get it professionally fixed.

five year old photographer

This is what you get when a five year old takes your pictures.

The 'while I am fixing my hair' picture...

the headless picture...

and the "mommy, I really want twenty just a few sideways" picture.

It was a lot of fun having a photo shoot with him.

This is the one my hubby nominated for my blog photo.  He loves the crazy eyes!

16 November 2009

Two Firsts

First First...  Free motion quilting.  I LOVE IT!  I am definitely a beginner, but I sure learned a lot.  Now I just need more practice.  I just recently got a new machine and my old one didn't have the free motion foot, so I always just did straight lines.  It was SO FUN to create a different look.

Second First...  Hand stitching binding.  Up to this point I have successfully avoided hand stitching on my bindings.  Once I start a project I like to get it done as quickly as possible.  Hand stitching never sounded too appealing.  Than I took the plunge and I REALLY enjoyed it!  It was one of those mindless things, like folding laundry, that gives you the opportunity to just slow down.

The best thing about all of this is that they were done on my first quilt pattern for sale, which will be for purchase soon.  Infact, this photo is a little sneak peek of it.

My Life

I think winter is finally here.  Than again, it was 60 degrees just last week.

20 October 2009


I have been sewing occasionally for that last five years,  but it wasn't until this spring that I actually got into quilting.  These were the first two quilts I made this spring. 

I super-duper LOVE this pinwheel quilt!

I have got another in the works.  Pictures to hopefully come soon (if I can ever finish it)!

Blah Blog

This blog is looking kind of blah for now, but when I get a few minutes I will freshen it up a bit.

19 October 2009

My new crafty blog!

Hello to everyone who may at one point read this! I have been thinking for a while now that I should start a quilting/crafty blog to post about all those lovely (usually lovely) things that I sew.
So, here I go...

A pillow I made my cousin using Simple Abundance. My three year old son might have trouble parting with this as he says this is his favorite pillow. I might just have to make him his own.

This fabric is from this awesome mother/daughter team. I will post pictures of others soon.