20 February 2010

I asked my husband...

if he thought we should make our little girl a "mini kitchen" (I love this one) when she gets a little older and he said, "We might as well train her young.  Maybe we can get her a washing machine too."

I should have seen that one coming.  :)

18 February 2010

I was invited...

to another picnic.

It was a cracker, banana, and "milk and water togedder" picnic.  I loved it!

Up Next...

My next project is going to consist of a bunch of this...

OH. MY. YUM!  I can't wait.

17 February 2010

Jean Quilt

My first jean quilt...

I made this for my sister.  

Note to self...use a DENIM needle.  I might have gone through a couple universal ones.  I didn't have any when I started but now I have a nice little supply of denim needles.

Hope you love it sis!

15 February 2010

The Other Day...

...my son asked if I could help him make a hammock using a blanket. I grabbed a couple folding chairs and we figured it out!  He LOVED it!  I only wish it was big enough for the two of us to snuggle in together.

I LOVE these little feet!

He also invited me to a "Chip Picnic".  He broke them himself and we shared from this bowl.  We might have refilled the bowl several once or twice.

14 February 2010

I want...

to learn to KNIT!  Doesn't that sound fun!?

05 February 2010

04 February 2010

Neglectful Blogger...and Sewer

I know, I know... I have been completely neglectful!

Somehow, four small children keep me busy on my toes.  I haven't had much time to sew and therefore I take even less time to blog because I feel there is not much--sewing wise--to blog about.

However, I am determined to change that!  I am going to shoot for updating my blog once a week.  That may not sound like much, but for right now it is a lot.  Hopefully I can find the time to work on projects so I have something to blog about.

Oh wait, one thing I have been working on is a jean quilt for my sister (picture coming soon).  It is almost done...thank goodness. As much as I have enjoyed working on it, I am so ready to move to the next project.  I find I am like that with most of my projects.  Once the end is in sight I start thinking about all the other projects I want/need to tackle and then get excited to move on.

And another thing... I am going to be posting a crib size Pinwheel Quilt tutorial soon.