03 September 2012

show and tell

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Back to school! Summer is fun but I really enjoy the routine and structure that comes with school.  Plus, the weather cools down and so do the weeds!  My garden was such a failure this summer.  I couldn't keep up with it.

First, I got a late start on planting.  Then only half of what I did plant even grew.  I found myself so busy (and strangely tired!) that I hardly spent the time in the garden it required.  August took over my garden with weeds and now I am looking forward to cooler weather.

I did manage to get a couple quilts sewn this summer.

This was my first 60° quilt.  I'm really happy with the way it turned out!

I absolutely LOVE the back!  The colors and quilting look awesome together.  It's posted in my shop.

This other quilt is for my cousins new baby boy.  Mama is a bright and bold sort of woman and I felt these fabrics fit the bill quite well.

I really enjoyed pulling fabrics from my stash for this.  I normally wouldn't match several of them together, but with the combination as a whole I really like the way it came together.  So much so that I will probably be making a couple for my home!

It is back completely with Kona Aqua and bound with Kona Chartreuse. 

Guess what!?  I turn 30 tomorrow.  Crazy, people!

I'm looking forward to my 30's.  No real reason, just seems like a great age.

I have something special planned for my readers, but your going to have to wait until tomorrow to find out what it is.  It will be for ONE DAY ONLY so don't miss it.  It'll be good!


  1. Love them both but the colours on the first one are lush! :)


  2. Well have a very happy birthday!! your will love your 30s...I wish I could do it again...haha. I turned 59 this year; can't believe it, luckily I don't feel 59....lol. I think next year is going to hurt...lol

  3. I hope you have a wonderful birthday! So far, my thirties have been awesome! :)

  4. I love the quilt for your cousin's baby. He is a very lucky boy.

  5. Kersten, Have an amazing Birthday! Thirty is great! Love the quilts, especially the first one, and how you did the quilting and design on the back... Love it! I still love the quilt that you made for straton the most though! Happy Birthday!

  6. Kersten, these are gorgeous!! I especially love your first one. The colors and back are fantastic.

    The 30s are better than most people think. :) Have a wonderful birthday!

  7. Love both of your quilts, gorgeous work! Happy 30th Birthday - hope you have fun celebrating, it is a great age.

  8. happy birthday dear Kersten, don't worry of your age (I am 37 and I don't feel "old")
    I wish I was good as you in quilting, I really like your works!

  9. I love this hst quilt! Do you mind sharing what size your hst's are?