08 September 2012

Bee blocks

Thank you for all the great birthday messages!  It was a wonderful day.  Very low key and chill.  A great day spent as a family.

Speaking of aging, this little dude is 9 months.  Still such a happy baby.  I would have 10 more babies just like him, if only I was guaranteed his temperament in each of them.  Maybe it's a good thing I tend to have screaming babies. :)

These are blocks I recently finished for a couple Bees I am part of.  I had others to show you but my phone went to phone heaven before I got them off...booo.  :(

I really enjoy wonky star blocks and this one was no different.  It is for the We Bee Modern Too group.

These two asterick blocks are for the do. Good Stitches group I am part of.  The quilter this month said to feel free to be as wonky/improv as we wanted.  So I did! 

There is nothing more exciting in the quilting process for me then the freedom of improv.  Taking a little of this and a little of that.  Chopping here and chopping there.  I didn't have any real vision as to how these were going to turn out but I don't know that I could be much happier!

It may not look like it, but this one is actually square...at least I hope it was.  Pretty sure I double checked before sending it off.  Maybe I should have a third time.  :)

Happy weekend people!


  1. These improv blocks are AMAZING! Totally love it, would hang it as art on a wall for sure.

    And the little guy is getting so BIG! Can't believe how much he has changed since I saw him last.