16 April 2014

a haircut for my girl

B has been asking for a haircut for quite some time now.  Brushing out her long hair was, at times, a scream fest (thankfully it's straight) but overall I enjoyed all the fun ways we could style it.  Mostly piggies and braids (I love braids!).

 But she kept asking and so finally I gave in and chopped it off!

I was a little concerned she was going to have a meld down when she saw it but she looked at herself in the mirror and screamed (in all the little girl excited she possesses), "I LOVE IT!"

Whew...thank goodness!


  1. I'm thinking any style would look great with hair that gorgeous. Lucky girl!

  2. You did a great job with the haircut. I'm so glad she loves it. I cut my girls hair, until they left home, and now occasionally will cut the grandkids hair. It's a great skill to have.