16 May 2012


During a conference talk on Mother's day a couple years back, a local church leader said something to this effect...

On Mother's Day, women tend to think about all the things they are doing wrong, all the mistakes they make as a mother and what they need to be doing better.  In contrast, on Father's Day, dads think, "Heck yes!  I'm awesome and this day is all about me!"   

I couldn't help but laugh because for me and my husband, that was true.  Since then, I have done better to make a greater effort on Mother's Day to celebrate the joy of being a mother. 

I know it's a few days late.  I have a tendency, at times, to over think...a lot...before I act.  I have been reflecting on the mother I am now and the mother I hope to be someday.  However, as I was doing this reflecting, I realized I am not so far from where I "want to be"...which is always a good thing.

I try to keep my eyes up, looking ahead at the big picture.  What matters most in the long run and focusing on the "milestones".  Then I watched this video and was reminded that sometimes, the most important things are the little ones.  The small, perhaps seemingly insignificant, experiences that help to shape us, our children, and those around us.


-- side note --
I told my husband I hate these Mormon Messages because I always cry.  He thought it was a bit bold and perhaps inappropriate to say that.  But there it is.  :)  I really do love the messages, I just can't control the water works. 

I love the sweet tender moments I share with my precious, rambunctious, energetic, entertaining (sometimes a little overly) children that make everyday worth living!

Also, I have a great mother and mother-in-law!  I have been blessed to have such wonderful people in my life...I love you both!

I've debated whether or not to share this here but I have come to the conclusion that it is time.

My mother was recently diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease).  Google paints a pretty grim picture, so I don't research it much anymore.  I would rather be aware, but take one day at a time. 

The first couple months after her diagnosis were especially wearing on her, and the rest of us, emotionally.   She was going through her own sort of grieving process; shock, anger, depression.  I must say though, just within the last couple weeks she has been smiling again.  

She now has a motorized wheelchair which allows her to get around by herself.  She is spending time outside.  She had her toenails painted bright green (she was absolutely shocked at herself for choosing that color, but it is fun and refreshing...just what she needed).

We have a long road ahead of us, but I know God doesn't leave us alone.

Happy Mother's Day to everyone, mother or not!  Enjoy the small moments that make up the journey we call life.  :)


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your mother! I already know she is an incredible woman because she raised an incredible YOU! :)
    I hope you had a wonderful mother's day!!

  2. I hadn't heard about your mom....I'm so sorry! I always have enjoyed being around your mom; she is such a wonderful lady! Let her know I'm sending hugs and prayers for her and your whole family! :)

  3. You are such an amazing mom! Your kids are so blessed to have lucked out and got parents like you. I have been thinking about you a lot lately and have been wanting to get ahold of you. But since we live so far away from each other.... ;) Sending you hugs and hope you know how much we love you guys. I remember meeting your mom for the first time. It was at your house. She was so quiet and sweet. I just remember thinking she was such a patient and kind person. She just had a calmness about her that I really enjoying being around. If you need anything let us know. I don't have a life so I am usually free to run errands, watch kids, or whatever.

  4. Kert, Thanks for you sweet honest thoughts. You are so great. I'm thankful for you and your family. I have been lucky to have a great friend like you to grow up with. I chatted with your mom on sunday, and she was smiling and happy. She looks like an Angel :) She has a peace about her. I can't even imagine. What an amazing example of Faith, you all are. Thank you! I love you!!

  5. I lost my sister to ALS when she was 40. If you need to chat, please feel free to email me. I'll keep your mom in my prayers and pray that her journey be a gentle one.