17 May 2012

wonky plus quilt

You know how sometimes you have this great plan!  Beautiful product selection.  Speedy and precise execution.  And then you change your mind.  You know, right!?  Because surely I am not the only person this happens to.

The plan was a wonky brick quilt somewhere between this and this.  I chain pieced a border onto all 62 rectangles...

These chain pieced Arcadia blocks turned out so nicely bunched up there behind my machine.

cut and wonk-ified them...

and admired the nice little stack of one of my favorite fabric lines.  Then, as I was sitting and admiring, I changed my mind.  GRRR!  Sometimes I hate it when I do that. 

But with this little dude, Mr. Smiles, sitting next to me I quickly regrouped and moved on. 

Usually, I like the change of plan even better!    These fabrics have a sort of funky-retro flair to them and, although these bricks would have shown off the designs very nicely, they needed something a little more fun.

So, they went from safe and conservative...

 to a little bit bold and funky.

This particular quilt is heading to England to be snuggled around my soon-to-be new baby niece.  Now, how to quilt it?  The best part...I have enough of the bricks left to make another!!

Tip of the day...  Keep an open mind! 


  1. Love Mr. Smiles & his quilt...too cute! Your wonky crosses are great!

  2. Mr Smiles is sooo adorable I think I would be snuggling with him instead of quilting. :) Oh...luv the wonkiness! It works.