20 July 2011

Mini Scrap Quilt

E and N really wanted to help me sew something.  I had a little stack of tiny scraps I had been holding on to for just this type of project.  They enjoyed the foot pedal while I fed the fabrics.  However, the first time I stopped to press and cut they got sidetracked and were out of there.  

Thing 1 and Thing 2 were napping so I took advantage of the opportunity and kept going!  Considering the size of this quilt it didn't take me long to finish.  I had planned on it being 20"x24" finished but somewhere along the way my math skills took a nap and it finished off at 17"x18".  I know!

I haven't decided whether or not to sell it because, well... look at it... its adorable! It might find a permanent residence above my sewing machine.  Not sure.

Oh well, I still love it!!  It had been a while since I used a meandering stitch.  I had thought about straight lines but there were so many seams on such a little quilt that I wanted to make it look a little softer.  Hopefully that worked.

A simple pieced back.  

I love the fabrics in this line!  Its Arcadia for Moda.  Unfortunately it is out of print, but thankfully I have a little stash of it that I like to draw from every now-and-than.


  1. Love the quilt, it's so cute!!! Glad to hear the twins are feeling better, miss ya sis!

  2. I am sad we weren't able to see you in McCall, but glad all is well.

    OK what do you do to Quilt your quilt. I am dying everything I have tried so far has not worked.