07 March 2012

Three Months

full baby = happy baby

I took this pic right after he was fed (notice the round little belly).

Baby H is so quick to smile.  If you just look at him he busts out with a grin.  He will coo and giggle and keep me completely unproductive for far too much of the day!  I can't help it.  I just want to hold, squeeze, smooch, and tickle him all. the. time!  He is quite obliging.

Until he gets tired.

Then he mellows out and begins to fuss a little and finds my kissing, squeezing, and tickling only mildly amusing.  So it's off to bed with him.  I swaddle him, give him one last squeeze, kiss him night-night, snuggle him in his bed, give him his binky and then...he busts out in another huge smile!  Almost as though his adorable little self is going to get pick right up out of bed and loved on some more.  Okay, so sometimes I am obliging as well.  :)

Once I am FINALLY done smoochy-smooching those little cheeks I give him a squeeze and put him in bed...for reals this time!

I can't believe he is already three months old.  I would wish him to stay like this forever, but I know how much fun each new stage is and can't wait to be part of them with him!


  1. Your post made me want to go back 41 years and do it all over again! Yeh...we know that's not happening! lol

    Your little guy is just too adorable! How blessed your are to have such a happy baby. :)

  2. What a cutie! My little one turned 6 months yesterday, wow time flies. I am not looking forward to her getting mobile, because then I have to watch her all of the time, otherwise I am sure she will find something of her brothers' that she will try and eat. :) Enjoy your kissing/squeezing/cuddling time because soon they will be old enough to get away. LOL