27 March 2012


I'm here.


There is so much going on right now.  More on that later.

In the meantime...

Maybe I should have greased and floured the pan (instead of just using PAM) like the instructions...instructed.  :)

It was meant to be a beautiful Lemony-delicious bundt cake.  It turned out to be a crumbly pile of Lemony-delicious bundt cake.  It still tastes the same, just looks less then stellar.  :)

It was just kind of an "off" cooking day for me.  Even for my no-fail Taco Soup.  Even I didn't want to finish my whole bowl and usually there are seconds.

BUT...the corn bread was oh-so-moist-and-delicious!!!

This is my recently finished block for March of the We Bee Modern Too quilting bee.

We were instructed to use red, grey, black, and white.

I really love these little turtles and snails!  Just need to sign the siggy block and mail it off.

I know God hears me!  It's moments like these that remind me of the many tender mercies I regularly receive...

It was one of those days when life just kicks you in the rear.  Everything seems to be going in 180 degrees from where you want it.

Money is tight.  The sewing machine broke.  Family is sick.  Kids are being naughty.  Employment is unsure.  Potty training seems to be failing.  Deadlines are beating at the front door.  The car barely has enough gas to get to the gas station.  And I am tired.  Worn out!

I walk into the kitchen to see this...

My two year old boy had quietly unloaded the dishwasher and was in the process of loading it.  Not a word.  He just did it.  And when he was done he went right back to playing with his trucks.

God does hear us.  And he loves us!


  1. What a sweetheart. Blessings to you.

  2. omgosh how precious -- just keep breathing :)

  3. Awww...so cute! Good work momma on raising a helpful little boy!

  4. On top of that you made some beautiful blocks to send half way across the world for some girls in Romania :)

    May God bless you. His mercies are indeed new every morning.

    Deb x