05 March 2012

Modern Mini Challenge

Here it is!  My submission for the Modern Mini Quilt Challenge put on by Jennifer at Ellison Lane Quilts.  There are three things about this quilts that were new for me... 

1.  Completely improv!  I have never just winged it with a quilt.  Usually I have a pattern or measurements to go from.  This time I just had a picture in my head and a rough sketch on a piece of paper. 

2.  Tight quilting.  Was anyone else completely inspired and at loss of breath over the beautiful quilting on Jacquie's Building Bridges quilt?!

3.  White binding.  I will probably never do this on a baby quilt, but love it on this one!!  I didn't want to take away from the orange lines.

For the back I used a Tanya Whelan print.

I really enjoyed making this quilt!  A mini is a great way to try out new techniques and I plan to make more.

This mini is 16" x 16".


  1. This is stunning - I love the dense quilting!

  2. I love your entry. It is bold and beautiful!

  3. what a great quilt! you are so amazing! when can I take some pattern making classes from you? amazing!

  4. Wow! This is really lovely! How big is it? I can guess roughly form the clothes pegs but just curious. I think it is one of these could be bigger than you think things. You can buy really small clothes pegs and some darn large ones!!

  5. I love this. The white binding is perfect and the tight quilting lines are great.