20 April 2010

Remember how I mentioned

I was working with these...                                           


Well, I finished the kits a while ago but FINALLY listed them in my etsy shop.  

Here it is in red/blue/pink...

and again in blue/green/yellow.

These kits are for baby sized quilts...my soon-to-be six year-old still sleeps with his baby blanket this size...so does his 24 year-old auntie, but don't tell her I told you so.  I LOVE that size!  It is easily packed, easily carried by little ones and so. very. adorable!

The coolest part about this whole thing?  I sold one within an hour of posting it.  Can you believe it?  Thank you so much etsy buyer!!!

Go check them out...you know you want to!!!


  1. oh man....I shouldn't....but I want to soooo bad! I love the pink and turquoise fabric. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

  2. HUGE fan of the green one! These quilts are so adorable, love it! Congrats on your quick sale too!