14 April 2010

packing lunches

It has been a little quiet around here.  My apologies.

I dont typically buy chips but Mr. Knickers has been doing a lot of day traveling and when added to a sandwich and fruits/veggies they make for a quick lunch.  This is the reason I don't like to buy chips...
My five year-old didn't have school today so he asked his daddy if he could go to work with him.  He even offered to pack their lunch for them.  SIX bags of chips, a handful of easter candy and two bananas.  Daddy helped even it out by making sandwiches and taking a few bags of chips out.  Love that kid!


  1. whenever i see you blog name pop up on the updated ones, it makes me want to go buy a snickers. random.

  2. me again:) but i couldnt find your email, but i would LOVE it if we could find some time to do a little shoot when you came down and it could be with your sis as well, if you wanted!! shoot me an email.