30 November 2011

Sadie's Quilt

In an effort to have all my needs-to-be-done-soon projects out of the way before Baby H got here I spend most of my nights sewing for hours.  Amazingly enough I was able to get them all done!!  WooHoo!

One of the projects was this little number for our new niece Sadie. 

I fell in love with these Bubblegum Basics fabrics when I first saw them and still do even though they are a couple years old.

This notebook was my inspiration for the quilt...

 I thought about making this quilt with just three colors like the notebook but decided to go with the BB fabrics because they are just so bright and cheery (and because I still have a bunch and need to work through them)!

For the back I inserted a strip of randomly pieced together scraps.  I love it.

What I would do differently...stitch all my quilting lines in the same direction.  I went back and forth and that created a sort of gathered look that I wish wasn't there.  We stitch and learn, right!?

I had originally planned to do a back and forth meandering stitch like I used in this quilt but for some reason my machine kept bunching up the thread in the back.  I didn't realize this until I was probably a quarter of the way finished with the quilting.  So I spent almost 10 hours unpicking the darn thing.  Not sure what the problem was.  I tried changing threads and tension but nothing worked.  So I switched out my stippling foot for my walking foot and did straight lines.

I think it turned out just fine.  

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