02 July 2012

New Fabric!!

I was busy cleaning the dishes when my son walked in with a package.  Of course, I had to stop IMMEDIATELY and rip it open (the wonderful thing about getting new fabric is that it's like Christmas...but any time of year!).  Inside were these Kona beauties.  

I try not to buy fabric unless I kinda-maybe-sorta have a project in mind for it (I have sworn to never become a hoarder and I really don't have that much space anyway).  I have known for a while that I wanted some Charcoal and Ash, I just couldn't decide what to use it for.  Now I know, so there was no delay in purchasing them.  They are so much more beautiful in person...and the Chartreuse, Aqua, School Bus, and Corn Yellow.  Oh my goodness, this might just be my favorite group of solids EVER!

I purchased these from Sew Fresh Fabrics on Etsy.  It is my go-to for all my Kona.  This shop recently underwent some changes.  Peg still runs it while Becca has started her own shop, Sew Me A Song.  I have always enjoyed excellent purchasing experiences from these ladies.  They are great to work with and have speedy-fast shipping.

I have a couple simple, cheerful quilts planned for these fabrics!


  1. So gorgeous...the fabrics are practically glowing. And they sure play nice together!

  2. Yay! Love when fabric comes in the mail! I was checking out Sew Fresh fabrics and I wanted to ask: is all Kona the same? I've seen it at Joann's (but haven't bought any) and I usually by it from Fabric.com. Are they the same quality?

    Thanks! Francine