25 July 2012

DIY: prairie point garland

Real quickly...the race last weekend was AWESOME!!!  I'm so glad I participated in it.  I'll post more about that later.

I have a non-quilting tutorial for you today...YAY!!  It is super quick and very easy...it is a prairie point garland!  

When I was a little girl, I had a soft pink little blanket with prairie points around the edge.  I think it might have actually been my older sisters, but I sort of inherited it.  I LOVED that blanket.

Prairie points are such a fun cheerful design; whether as a binding, accent, or all by themselves.

Here is a tutorial for making a 13 point x 44" wide garland. 

To get started, you will need
13- 3" squares for prairie points
1/2" double fold binding tape
basic sewing supplies

1.  Take one of your squares...

and press, wrong sides together, in half diagonally.

2.  Fold in half again along the long edge and press.

3.  Make a prairie point train.  One point biting the backside of the point to its right.  Overlap the two fabrics by 1/2".  Pin.

4.  Stitch the prairie points together, approximately 1/4" from the edge.  This step isn't absolutely necessary, but I did it so my points wouldn't shift when stitching them into the binding strip.

5.  Insert the strip of points into the binding strip.  Find the center of your binding strip.  Place the center of the middle point in the center of the binding strip.  Pin at about every other point and stitch (backstitch at the ends).

And voila, you done!  

You will have approx. 9 1/2" binding strip on either of the prairie points...

to tie a knot for hanging.

Now, go hang your petite decoration and adore!


  1. Love the tutorials Kersten! Glad you had fun at the race! B

  2. I'm a huge bunting fan, and this is adorable! Thanks for the tutorial!!

  3. Kersten! I'm so glad I checked your blog this morning. I'm redoing the kids bathroom and was planning on sewing a pennant garland for the kids bathroom today. This is so much cuter though!

    Can't wait for naptime!