29 June 2012

Finished Knitted Dishcloth

The dishcloth is complete!

I finished casting off.  Flattened it.  And laughed!

I knew it wasn't going to be perfect (yes, I controlled the impulse to pull it out and start over...several times) but continued on any.  

The finished product is...less then desirable.  But hey, I actually finished a knitting project!  

I haven't done much sewing lately.

My sisters and I each go and help my mom a couple days a week.  Between that, appointments, Scout Day Camp, and trying (and usually failing) to keep my own house in order, I haven't found much time for sewing.

I do, however, have these triangles sitting on my design wall, waiting to be finished.

Hopefully I will get to them this weekend.

Happy Friday Everyone!!