20 June 2012

WIP knitting

I'm new to knitting (so don't look too closely!) but I thoroughly enjoy it!  I have started several projects (scarves, dishclothes, hats) but most of them get pulled out by my little ones...stinkers.  That's okay.  I'm a bit of a perfectionist so I probably would have pulled most of them out anyway.  :)

This particular beauty is ending up as a dishcloth.  A small simple project that I can finish quickly...instant gratification.  I need that sometimes.  Anyone else?

I chose pink for not other reason then it was the first ball of yard I grabbed from the pile, but I quite like it!  

Anyone have any ideas for other simple (instant gratification not required) knitting projects?

1 comment:

  1. I have been wanting to learn how to knit. I crochet. I have heard that knitting is easier but I just don't know about that with the whole two needles and dropped stitches I hear about all the time. A good quick project is hats! Especially preemie hats. Most NICU's accept them and they are great for cheering up parents with a sick baby. The dainty Daisy does a charity called Rosie's Cozies that you could donate them to or just ask at your local hospital. Otherwise hot pads are awesome too, just be sure to use 100% cotton yarn.