12 June 2012

Finished Quilt

In general, I'm not one to keep a stack of quilt tops hanging around needing to be finished.  I like to complete a quilt before moving on to he next.  However, I have recently sort of "let go" and moved onto another quilt before finishing the last...FOUR TIMES!!!  That's unheard of for me, so I have felt like quite the rebel.  :)  


But I couldn't let it continue for too long.  As I mentioned here, I got to work on finishing them.  This is my Modern Stripes quilt pattern featuring the Flea Market Fancy prints.

I quilted it with an all-over meandering stitch.  Not too dense, so as to be soft and snuggly for a sweet little person.

On the back I used a large floral print with a smaller strip of the the pink eyelet.  Quite frankly, I am not a "floral" fan.  There is not much of it in my stash and I like it that way.  However, there are always the exceptions to the rule.  The FMF bouquet print is one them.  I LOVE it!!  It would be perfect for a sweet little summer dress.

I am also quite taken with the eyelet prints.

This quilt is currently in my Etsy shop.

Another finished quilt coming soon!!!  Away with the rebel............for now.  Bwah haha.  :)

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