13 December 2011

WIPs Completed!

It feels good to be finished!  Remember this post with the sneak peak?  Yah, it's done.

My sis asked if she could use my walking foot last week.  I kindly obliged, because that's just how I am... :) ...but only once I was finished with it.  Ha!

You see, I had this quilt front that had been hanging up in my room for far too long!  I had all the wonderful intentions of finishing it promptly, but then decided I didn't like my idea for the back and so I changed directions; which meant I had to buy more fabric...shucks!

(ignore the mess, bad lighting, and ugly paneling)

I browsed around for a while, because I very rarely pay full price for fabric.  I just can't stand paying over $8.00/yard (although on occasion I will if it is something I really, truly, terribly want--oh, sweet KJR, how I love you)!!  When I see a fabric I want I shop around online (for way too long) trying to find the "better" price.

So this front hung on my WIP wall for a while.  Every time I would walk into my room it would stare me in the face as though it was daring me to finish it.  FINALLY, I found the back I wanted (sorry, I can't even remember where I bought if from now...some little online store I had never heard of before--bless their sweet fabric loving hearts for having this fabric!!) for $7.00/yard.  I accept!

It was plain, simple, and had the perfect little AJ pindots.  I got to work and added a little log cabin block to the back to break up the beautiful sea of blue.

Anyhow, when my sis asked to use the foot I had this all beautifully basted ready to be quilted.  By this time I was SO READY to have it done so that I asked her to hold on for a day.  And she did, because she is like that... :) ...and because I am bigger and stronger and less pregnant and could totally take her down in a wrestling match.

I quilted it one night and bound it the next.  Like I said, it feels good to be done!

I just adore this Pezzy print I used for the binding.  I look forward to getting my hands on the new ones!

Here is a closeup of the Log Cabin on the back.  This was actually the first one I have ever made.  Can you believe that!?  Yah, me too.  :)

This was put together using American Jane prints from several different lines...recess, peas and carrots, building blocks, and look and learn.  I love how they all go together so nicely.  It is a lap/throw size quilt based on my Four-Square pattern, just bigger!  It's up in my shop now.

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  1. I love this range of fabrics, and they've come up beautifully in your quilt.

  2. I Love this quilt. Great colors and pattern.