29 December 2011

how to hang a picture

I have this great big wall in my dining room...I also have fabulous 1970's paneling on every. single. wall. in my house...I know, you are all absolutely jealous.  I knew I wanted to hang a bunch of pictures on this wall and that paneling wouldn't hold up with all that weight so my husband and I put up sheetrock.  He bought a texture gun from Lowe's (which we will be getting every pennies worth out of throughout our house!) and went at it.  I think he did a great job.  

Next, I primed and painted.  Yes, fabulous looking!
(I found this huge dresser on craigslist...big plans in the works.  I love the midcentury vibe!)

I heard about this paper technique for hanging pictures and since I HATE the "trial and error" approach that I usually have I decided this was a much better route to take.  It is a little time consumer (but not near as much as I was expecting) up front but I am hoping it pays off big in the end.  Basically you just trace each picture frame, number the frame and paper, and tape the paper to the wall how you want the pictures to be.  On the back side of the frame, measure the distance from the top where the nail will be. Use that measurement on the paper to accurately place your nail (be sure it is centered).

This is as far as I have gotten.  I like to sit and look things over for a couple days.  I am definitely not a picture-hanging professional, but I think it looks pretty good.  I have debated about frame colors. I want them to coordinate, but not necessarily be all the same.  Since this room is somewhat dark I might paint the majority of them white with a few bright colored ones.

Just a little tip, censor what is readable on the papers.  I had to flip a couple around so my little children didn't read anything that would give them nightmares.

What do you think?  Would you make any changes?  What about frame colors?


  1. That is such a handy method!

  2. hi!
    i found you from a quilt pin on pintrest. :)

    i think this is a WONDERFUL idea! i'm going to do it in my son's room - tomorrow!

    and ha! about the censorship - i totally get it and dig it. :)