19 October 2011

WIP...Sadie's Quilt

All pinned and ready to be quilted!!  

(This fabric is Bubblegum Basics by Quilt Soup for Henry Glass.  Absolutely cheerful and long out of print.)

I just need to go get some white thread.  Who runs out of white thread, I mean really!?!

One problem...I just realized I used Heavy Duty wonder-under to apply the circles.  Dang!  It is pretty stiff.  I'm hoping it will soften with plenty of use.  After all, who wants to wrap a stiff quilt around a sweet little baby?

1 comment:

  1. I ran out of thread when my free motion quilting went soooooo smooth. That was the Saturday evening; the shop opened the next Tuesday (at 13.00 o'clock)
    I didn't let it spoil my weekend though!