03 August 2010

Why I have been MIA...

My little family is moving...next week.  I can't believe it is almost here.  We originally thought of moving next summer, but things turned out so we could make the move this August.  And really, once you decide to move, the waiting is the hardest part.

My older boys have enjoyed one more summer here spending time with their grandparents--swimming, going to an air show, getting farm parts and lunches with grandpa, helping grandma with yard work, having sleepovers--doing the things they love to do.  Thank you grandma and grandpa!

These last couple weeks have found me deep into packing.  I have found the word "packing" doesn't just mean putting things into boxes.  It is sorting, trashing, selling, donating, cleaning and organizing.  The biggest move we have made since having kids (kids=lots more "stuff") was about 15 miles.  Next week we will be going 600+ miles.  We now have even more "stuff" than we did when we made that short 15 mile move.

Why is it that once you start packing, your house seems to be so messy?  Oh well only a few days left.

Any suggestions from you more experienced movers out there?

Yes, even in the middle of all this "packing" I find time to sew.  Not much, only a few minutes in the evening after my kids are in bed.  I need it, actually.  It is a major stress reliever for me.  I wanted to come up with something quick and easy that I can share with you all before the big move.

Come back Thursday and ironing might just become your newest favorite chore...maybe.


  1. Moving...how exciting. Well considering we just moved, mind you it was only a 1km away, my only advice is to hire professional movers. Ha! What has taken Kyle and I a good month to get packed and today finally all the way unpacked takes movers a day! Good luck with everything, we will be thinking about you.