27 August 2010

We're Here!

So... we have been here for a couple weeks.  We are currently bunking in with my sis and her fam.  (Thank You, Sis!) 

We are waiting now to move into our new-to-us home.  I keep dreaming of all the decorating I will be doing.  I've got some fun ideas, but there just gonna have to wait.

Before today I had not done any sewing since the move.  I know, Crazy!  These last few days I have really been itching to pull Berni out of the closet and sew something fabulous together.  I finally did it!  I finished a quilt top I had started a while back.  I can't wait to show you all.  Actually, I would post a pic now, but I can't find my camera cord.  Go figure.  As soon as I find it you will be the first to know!

Funny story...

My son, E was hanging out with me as I was sewing.  I was cutting off small excess triangle pieces I didn't need.  As he was playing with them he realized if he sewed two together at the points it would look like a butterfly.  So we made a butterfly.  He gifted it to me.  Such a sweet boy.

A while later he decided he wanted to ungift it and sell it for $200.  A few minutes later I noticed him walking out toward the road.  We currently live on a very quiet country road.  Probably don't get more than 20 cars pass in a day.  But close by is a much busier road.  I asked him what he was doing and he said, "I'm trying to figure out how to get those cars to come over here to buy this butterfly."  (Insert chuckle)

Me:  Come over here and we will talk about it.

... (indicates time passing as he walks slowly with his head hanging down past his shoulders)

Me:  Come sit on my lap.  (I proceed to kindly explain to him that all things have a value and that some things are most valuable as gifts to grandmas/aunties/moms...his being one of them)

E:  But I really want to sell it...for $200!

Me:  Well, maybe you can give it to your auntie as a gift.

E:  Maybe I can give it to her as a gift and have her pay me $10!

Me:  Maybe you can ask her if she will buy if for a nickle.  That is FIVE PENNIES!  (expressed with extra enthusiasm)  Actually, you should ask her if she will buy it for a quarter and if she says no you should ask her how much she will buy it for.

E:  (as he leaps off my lap and runs into the house to ask his auntie)  I will ask her to pay me $1 for it!

...  (a short laps as he runs full speed)

E:  Auntie, will you buy this from me for $1?

Auntie:  (since rejecting his offer of $200, she sweetly replies)  Sure.  Of  course I will buy it for $1.

(E looks over at me in complete amazement.)

Auntie:  Do you take change?

E:  ... (silence)

Auntie:  Orrr...maybe not. :)  I'll get you a dollar bill.

E:  (running back to me)  Mom, she bought it!  FOR $1!  Lets make some more so I can sell more.  Mom, will buy one from me for $1?

Me:  Kiddo, this is my fabric.

E:  So...will you buy one from me for $1?

Can't blame a kid for trying.

It's good to be back!


  1. So sweet! Kids are so funny aren't they? Good luck with your move into the new house!

  2. Kersten,
    Happy to see you are getting closer to the house. Living out of suitcases is crazy. I am excited for your next step. We are finally in a house in Michigan. I hope your home comes quickly. Decorate quick and post quick so I have some decor ideas.

  3. Okay I am still laughing! His stories can always make me laugh.

  4. It's good to have you here! It's fun having all the babies running around. We need to get a picture of them together sometime.