15 April 2013

Quadruplets by FrozenKnickers

No, not the baby kind...the quilt kind.  I recently sold four made-to-order quilts, all in my Modern Stripes pattern.  They were three separate orders.  One of which was for twins.  What better then to have my own twins model them...

Let me tell you, with as many times as I have made this pattern over the years I have quite the efficient system for getting them assembled!  Yet, I never get tired of making it...which is good.


  1. Love this quilt. I might just have to buy me this pattern :)

  2. These are lovely! They're so cheerful, but subtle at the same time. Once a kid is too big for his, you can keep it around as decoration.

    Do you know the online crafting community Kollabora? Some of us have gotten into quilting lately, and we'd love to have you share some of your work on our site.