30 September 2011

too tired to think of a title

I haven't managed to get much sewing done lately.  I have been busy and am completely worn out by the time I get the kiddos in bed.

This little stack of American Jane is from my two most recent WIPs...both of which long to be finished.

I have managed, however, to can and freeze peaches, dehydrate prunes, peaches and apples, and make sauce from the above named fruits for homemade fruit leather.  

I'm thinking I might add some raspberries, bananas or oj for variety.  I don't know, we'll see.

I have also been baking up this sweet little bun...

I'm 33 weeks now.  I know, most people mention this sort of thing much earlier, but if you haven't noticed I have sadly neglected this blog.  If you are real lucky (or perhaps not) I will see if I can get a belly pic.  However, I must warn you that there isn't a whole lot that is cute about this baby-#5-belly.

The image is of its head (just so you have an idea of what you are looking at).  If you were to draw a line horizontally through the middle and look at the bottom half, the large white roundish area in the center is its cheek; with the nose and mouth just to the left.

Just above this imaginary line are its fists covering its eyes.

Can you see...anything but mooshed black and white?  It took me a minute.

I refer to it as an..."it" because we are not sure what this sweet little bundle will be.  I love a good baby gender surprise!

I tell you, each pregnancy gets a little more painful pre- and post-delivery.  I don't look forward to the nursing pains!  Also, I have been enjoying the company of Braxton Hicks since about 24 weeks.  This is the first time I have had regular contractions so early.  They are just beginning to be painful.  Not labor-painful but enough that I have found myself labor-breathing through some of them.

Since morning sickness has left me I have been surprised at how quickly it has all gone.  And I only have seven weeks left...possibly less because I have only had one baby wait full term.

So much to get done in such a short time!

Better get crackin'!!


  1. Congratulations, way to go on all that canning, no wonder you are so tired!

  2. what?! oh my word girl! I had no idea. COngrats!

  3. Congratulations!!! I check in on your blog often hoping you post something new. I would love to see you sometime...I suppose I will have to let you know they next time I am down visiting my parents.

  4. Thank you everyone!! We are so excited around here for this little person to arrive.

  5. Wow, your life sounds remarkably like mine (fruit, fruit everywhere!), except I'm not pregnant. But I have 2 children, so I can relate. Wishing you a full term and easy delivery, but most of all, a healthy baby! Oh, and you might want to check out steam juicers -- I'm loving mine so far. It's even easier than fruit leather and definitely easier than canning it other ways. I love orange flavor with plums BTW.