04 June 2011

Pretty Picture

My before mentioned 4 year-old came running up to me with this picture.  When a kid is so excited to show you something he created you cant cry, no matter how it looks!  I asked him to tell me about the picture.  He said, "It's you mom!" with all the love and admiration a little guy can have.

I don't keep all my kids pics, but this one with all it's scary-movie nightmarish vibe going on is definitely a keeper!  It's not beautiful but it's one of those 'it could be worse' reminders.  Like, "wow, look at those bags under my eyes".  I can just look at this picture and think, "well, at least I don't have bags all around my eyes."  Or when I think, "wow, my hair is really thinning out", I can look at this pic and think, "at least I still have more than eight strands of hair."

So you can see, this pic is definitely a keeper!  Just like the little artist who so lovingly drew it for me.


  1. So funny! Does this mean you guys have internet again that you've started posting? :)

  2. Thank you for my morning laugh!