04 November 2010

Thing 1 & Thing 2

You always hope your kids pics go well, but you always know they wont go as planned...our Halloween pics demonstrate that...

As I was taking the pics I kept trying to get them to "just sit still."  Yeah right!  I think their costumes this year fit their personalities perfectly.  Two high energy, small bodied, blue haired people that follow only one rule--make as much trouble as possible.

Hope your Halloween was filled with mischievous blue-haired small people!


  1. Those pictures are perfect! On the move, fits thing 1 and 2 just right!

  2. HOw Cute! I saw your pirate boys here for halloween, they were so fun! I like the earrings! Hope they outgrow that!:)

  3. so cute! Seriously great costumes! lol. And I am in LOVE with your quilt...sigh...