15 September 2010

how to: sandwich your quilt layers

1.  Lay your quilt back face-down on a clean hard surface.  Tape around the edges with masking/painting tape.

2.  Add your batting.  Smooth it out.  Depending on the quality of batting you are using your may or may not need to tape it down also.

3.  Top with your quilt face-up.  Make sure the back and batting are 2-4" wider than the quilt top on each side.  Smooth it out.

Here is a look at the back and batting wider than the top.

4.  Pin, lots!  Your batting package may indicate how often it should be pinned.  It is generally every 4-8".  If you need to cut off excess back or batting be sure to keep them 2-4" wider than the quilt top.  Your layers may shift slightly during quilting and this will save you from having your beautifully pieced top hanging over the back.

There you have it!  Quick and easy.

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  1. please, please come visit me for a week, and show me all this in person. Because you rock in...totally. And I, do not.