10 May 2010

parties, parties and more parties

The weather man was right.  I woke up the next morning to snow.  I think I was being teased.

Gratefully it was melted before noon and it was warm enough to play outside by the time the party started.

I was able to take a mini vacation and visit some family and friends over the weekend.  I had so much fun! As I was packing I realized it was only the second time in seven years (since I was married) that I wasn't packing for or sharing suitcase space with someone else.  In fact, I was able to pack all my things in a bag not much larger than a purse.  It was fabulous!  Of course, I went shopping and came home with twice the amount.  Like it said, it was fabulous!

However, I did miss my little family.

Daddy was spectacular.  Every day was another party.  Apparently, Saturday lunch was a nutritious combination of cheeto puffs, cereal, root beer, french bread and yogurt.  As I was closing the door to leave I heard my six year-old say something.  Thinking he must be expressing his disappointment on my departure I thought it best to go back in and reassure him that all would be well and he would enjoy his time with daddy.  I opened the door and asked if he had said something to me, to which he replied, "No, I am just planning our boy party."

Pretty sure it was an enjoyable weekend for all!

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