15 March 2010

Basic Pinwheel Tutorial

It is no secret, I LOVE pinwheel quilts.  I made one for my baby, but have it hanging on his bedroom wall because I don't want it to get ruined.  I know, not very nice of me, but he doesn't know the difference.  I recently made another and wanted to share a "How To Make A Pinwheel" tutorial.  These are instructions for a basic pinwheel.

What you'll need...
2- 5" squares of the same print
2- 5" squares neutral fabric
sewing supplies

How you'll make it...
1.  Using a fabric pen or chalk, draw a line diagonally from one corner to the opposite corner on the wrong side of both neutral squares, as shown below.

2.  Place a neutral square and a printed square right-sides-together.  Sew 1/4" along each side of the line as shown below.

3.  Cut along pen line.  Press seams toward the dark side.

4.  Cut off the nubs.  Sew two together to make half a pinwheel.  Press seam open to reduce bulk.


5.  Then sew both halves together as shown below.  Press seam open to reduce bulk.  

5.  Trim your pinwheel.  I like the final size of my pinwheels to be 8" square, so I trim them down to 8 1/2" square. 

Here is the final product.  LOVE IT!

(ignore the shadow)


  1. thanks Kert! after doing the pinwheel sampler quilt a long, i really want to make a pinwheel quilt! so cute!

  2. Oh if only I had the guts to try quilting... You totally rock the pinwheel! :)