21 April 2012

DIY: half-square quilt

Yay...I love tutorials!  Today I am going to show you how to make this quilt using half-squares.  This is a great project to use up scraps...love those kinds of projects.

I upped the size of this quilt from the 27" x 32" in my shop to a wee bit larger 36" x 36".

Keep in mind:
  • fabric measurements are based on 44" wide fabric.
  • WOF means 'width of fabric' (side to side -or- selvage to selvage)
  • use a 1/4" seam allowance
  • always stitch right-sides-together
What you'll need:
98- 2.5" x 4.5" printed fabrics (slightly generous on both measurements for trimming purposes)
2/3 yard neutral fabric for background -- cut into 15- 1.5" x WOF strips
backing & batting (abt. 40" x 40")
basic sewing/quilting supplies

How you'll make it:
1.  Stitch together two of your printed fabrics along the long side.  Press and repeat with remaining 96 printed fabrics.  Trim blocks to 4.5" x 4.5".

2. You will end up with 49 half-square blocks.  The quilt top has seven rows with seven blocks in each row.  Lay out your blocks how you want them to be in your finished quilt.

edited to add...  When you lay out your blocks, alternate the direction of the first block in each row -- so the seam line is vertical-horizontal-vertical-horizontal.  Use this alternating pattern for the blocks within each row as well as.

...whew, now you've got it all.  Enjoy!!

3.  Stitch the right side of the first six blocks in each row...

...to the neutral strip using the string piecing method as shown below.  Press seams and trim.

4.  Stitch blocks together so a neutral strip is between two blocks.  Press seams.

5.  Stitch a neutral strip to the bottom of the top six rows.  Press toward the neutral.

6.  Continue stitching all rows together along the long sides.  Make sure there is a neutral strip between each row!

7.  Stitch one neutral strip to the right side of the quilt front and one to the left.  Press toward the neutral and trim.

8.  Stitch one neutral strip to the top of the quilt front and one to the bottom.  Press toward the neutral and square up corners.


I really like how this quilt turned out with these Heather Bailey prints.  So bright and cheery.  I'm waiting on my solid fabric for the back to show up but I'm anxious to share this tutorial so why wait?  I'll be sure to post completed photos once it's all done.